Large Format, Large Success.

Zimmermann Company has been solving marketing problems for over 135 years. We do this with our full lineup of expert services that we put to work for our clients. Just this year, we have added a new service to that long list. We’re proud to announce the inclusion of Large Format Printing Services at Zimmermann Company.

We are now capable of printing on nearly any surface that you can think of. From standard paper and vinyl materials, to more rigid materials lake plastics and foam core up to 1 7/8 inches thick and 4 feet by 8 feet in size. With that kind of flexibility, Zimmermann Company can really put your brand on just about any surface you can think of.

We didn’t just invest in a new piece of hardware, we also invested in our people, hiring an expert in Large Format printing to ensure that, from our very first project, everything we print is of the highest quality and expert craftsmanship that is humanly possible. We’ve also trained many of our current employees to ensure continuous production throughout our two daily shifts.

We can produce a myriad of products to meet your marketing needs in the large display space. These products include, standard vinyl banners of almost any size, point of purchase materials including floor and wall graphics and free standing die cut displays. We can also help you construct the graphics for your next trade show.

With constant testing and experimenting, we’re finding new ways to expand what our large format equipment can produce. So if you have an idea that you’re not certain can be produced, give us a call and we’ll help you make your vision a reality.