It’s not just our goal, it’s our mission to ensure that we are leaving this planet in a better state, by reducing non-recyclable waste and using environmentally friendly materials in as many operations as we economically can. Taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility.


Zimmermann Company looks at protecting our planet and investing in environmental stewardship not only to be a good corporate citizen, but also as a way to reduce costs and increasing efficiency.

Use of high VOC alcohol was eliminated from the printing presses at Zimmermann in the early 1980’s when most other printing companies continued using alcohol. Although it made the printing process more challenging and initially increased set up time, we found that our printing quality was better and our press rollers lasted longer.

Towels are washed and reused, capturing solvents for reuse. All waste inks and solvents are sent out for use as fuels.

High efficiency LED lighting fixtures were installed in the plant to increase the lighting capacity and further reduce energy usage. As a bi-product, the light spectrum produced was closer to standard lighting for print viewing and made for a more pleasant work environment.

Paper and cardboard have always been recycled. Plastics, metal, and wood are also recycled resulting in garbage pickups only once a month, vastly reducing our solid waste stream. Scrap substrates that are not recycled are reused internally as setup stock and to create notepads. (our notepads also use ink that would otherwise be sent out for other uses)

We are rated as a “Very Small Quantity Generator” for our hazardous waste products, producing less than 220 pounds per month.

Our plate making process uses eco-friendly water based chemistry which minimizes environmental impact. Our “direct-to-screen” unit reduces film output by 99%. This eliminates the possibility of silver contaimination to earth’s water supply.

We have a waste reduction plan in place for glass, plastic containers, metals, wood, toner cartridges, paper products, corrugate, lamps and light bulbs. Old computers and obsolte materials are donated to schools or sent out for recycling.

We continually look at other ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, again, not only for environmental stewardship, but to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This makes our efforts a win for both the environment and our clients. Zimmermann Co. is commited to safeguarding our environment and sustainable business practices.